Protective tooth varnish a commercial success

Two years since its commercial release, the topical fluoride varnish MI Varnish™ is the eighth highest selling tooth varnish in the USA. Fluoride varnishes are used by dental professionals to protect teeth that are demineralised or vulnerable to demineralisation and dental caries (decay), and to reduce tooth sensitivity. 

Tele-dentistry trials show promising results

The data speeds promised by the National Broadband Network is revolutionising tele-dentistry and, as a result the delivery of public healthcare, as a team of researchers at the Melbourne Dental School and the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre are discovering.

National Oral Health Plan 2014 - 2023

Professor Mike Morgan, Colgate Chair of Population Oral Health and Program Leader of the Oral Health CRC and Associate Professor Julie Satur, senior researcher at the Oral Health CRC, have been asked to lead the work on setting the priorities for the Socially Disadvantaged and for Mental Health in the new National Oral Health Plan 2014 - 2023.

IADR Award

An eviDent project has won the prize for the best practice-based research poster at the recent IADR conference in Seattle, U.S.

World Oral Health Day

20 March 2013 is World Oral Health Day - a chance for everyone across the globe, in every country and every community, to celebrate the importance of good oral health!


Filling the gaps in Australia’s dental workforce

Data released recently by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show the number of dentists has increased by 24% in the five years to 2011. There are now around 12,700 dentists in Australia, with 80% working in the private sector.

Calls for soft drink health warnings

The calls for soft drink health warnings have been supported by Professor Mike Morgan, Colgate Chair of Population Oral Health, Melbourne Dental School and Program Leader, Oral Health CRC. 


Taking Dental Care to Vietnam

Each year, a group of dental health practitioners travels to rural Vietnamese villages as part of the Rotary Australia-Vietnam Dental Health (RAVDH) Project, which was established to improve oral health and aid health promotion in Vietnam.

Prestigious award for Oral Health CRC Senior Researcher

Associate Professor Julie Satur, Senior Researcher with the Oral Health CRC, was awarded one of the three Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) Public Oral Healthcare Awards for her care and commitment to public dental services.

The awards, presented annually by Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV), are given to dental professionals who go above and beyond their duty in providing dental care to disadvantaged Victorians.

DHSV CEO, Dr Deborah Cole, said the awards pay tribute to the often unacknowledged work being done by public dental professionals.

Plain packaging highlights oral cancer

New cigarette plain packaging will help highlight poorly understood link between smoking and oral cancer