Protective tooth varnish a commercial success

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two years since its commercial release, the topical fluoride varnish MI VarnishTM is the eighth highest selling tooth varnish in the USA. Fluoride varnishes are used by dental professionals to protect teeth that are demineralised or vulnerable to demineralisation and dental caries (decay), and to reduce tooth sensitivity.

Researchers and manufacturers in the Oral Health CRC set out to increase the benefits of fluoride varnish by developing a varnish that also releases calcium and phosphate ions to improve remineralisation.

Utilising CRC research, MI VarnishTM has been enhanced with RECALDENTTM CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate) technology that releases calcium and phosphate ions into the tooth. Research has shown that this enhanced formulation inhibits enamel demineralisation to a greater extent than conventional fluoride varnishes.

MI VarnishTM offers greater fluoride contact time and increased calcium and phosphate bioavailability than gel, foams and other fluoride varnishes.

GC Corporation, an industry participant in the Oral Health CRC, commercially released MI VarnishTM into the USA market in February 2012. Researchers in the CRC continue to test the varnish's efficacy and protective properties against other products.

MI VarnishTM is a professional dental product, to be administered by an oral health professional. More information is available on the GC America website.